Blended Classes

Our “blended” classes are offered in collaboration with GCC academic departments and combine non-credit students in the same classroom learning experience with GCC for-credit students.

Why enroll in a blended class or workshop?

GCC offers a unique opportunity for students to take selected classes or workshops either for credit or not-for-credit in a variety of subject areas. Blended classes can create diversity in the learning environment and offer professional networking opportunities for students. You might consider a blended workshop if:

  • You don’t need a grade or a degree, but want to participate in courses for enrichment, to improve existing skills, or to acquire new ones.
  • You don’t have the formal course pre-requisites but might nevertheless benefit from the educational experience of the class.

Please note that our blended classes do not accept course waivers or discounts of any kind.

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Showing all 21 results