Basic Hip Hop

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Location: Remote

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Instructor/Presenter: GCC Staff
Blended class; this is the non-credit version of the credit class DAN 132D.

An introduction to hip hop dance. Students learn hip hop dance terminology and practice fundamental hip hop dance movements.

Classes include a full body warm-up, specific dance exercises, improvisational exercises, and dance combinations that increase in difficulty over time. Class activities encourage self expression and increase strength, flexibility, coordination, rhythmic awareness, and musicality.

This course introduces dance technique while also examining the history and cultural significance of hip hop dance. Special Requirements: Appropriate clothing and footwear is required.

Students should wear comfortable exercise clothing to class. Dance/yoga pants, tank tops, t-shirts, leotards, tights, and sweat pants are all acceptable. Students must wear clean, non-streak athletic sneakers.

This class is online with required meetings on days and times listed.

This workshop has pre-requisites and/or requires permission of the instructor.