Bridging Divides in Our Fractured and Polarized Country

Th 4/8 — 2:00–3:00pm
Location: On-Line


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Instructor/Presenter: Paula Green

Recent years have seen increasing separation, hostility, and even hatred between identity groups, regions, religions, politics, and more.  This escalation carries great dangers.  The less we know about each other, the less we care about each other’s welfare, and the more our stereotypes and misconceptions multiply.  Rather than uniting around the catastrophic issues facing our country, we blame, brood, label, dismiss, and damage each other.  Following this path, everybody loses.  What if, instead of devaluing other people, we reached out across the divides and culture wars to discover the fullness of their humanity?  This talk will explore several dialogue programs designed to help us bridge our differences, bond, identify common ground, and profoundly deepen our understanding.

Paula Green is Professor Emerita at the School for International Training and founder of the Karuna Center for Peacebuilding.  After decades of international work, where dehumanization often led to armed conflict, she is currently engaged with three U.S. dialogue projects: Hands Across the Hills, bridging political and regional differences; Bridge4Unity, focused on race; and the newly formed Muslim-Jewish dialogue program.

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom