College Success

W 4/28–5/26 — 3:00–5:00pm
Location: East Building on Main Campus


3 seats available

Instructor/Presenter: Judy Raper, Brian Kapitulik

Pursuing higher education can be an integral part of recovery from substance abuse disorders.  Finding meaning and purpose through higher learning and the pursuit of a career and/or job track can be crucial to the maintenance of recovery.  At GCC, we recognize that students in recovery face unique challenges, and this course is designed to help students in recovery gain the confidence and knowledge critical to their success.

The course is a non-credit bearing course and permission of instructor is required.  The course will be funded by the Opioid Task Force. This is a non-credit option of HUD 114.

Successful completion of this course makes students eligible for funds for tuition and fees during at least their first semester at GCC.  Not only will this course help students gain the confidence necessary to be successful, but it will help in removing financial barriers to access higher education. Students enrolled in the course will have the added benefit of learning in the safety of a cohort with shared experiences from instructors who have personal and professional experience with recovery.