Conversations about Race: An Imperative for White People

W 11/32:00–3:00pm
Location: On-Line


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Instructor/Presenter: Fern Johnson, Marlene Fine

Genuine conversations about race are long overdue in the U.S., especially among white people.  Fern Johnson and Marlene Fine, authors of Let’s Talk Race: A Guide for White People, will talk about why conversation is a necessary precursor to achieving racial equity and justice and to developing racial empathy; why white people must take responsibility for having conversations about race; and why we often avoid or do not know how to talk about race.  They will suggest ways to approach having these difficult conversations with each other and across race.

Fern L. Johnson is Professor Emerita of English at Clark University, specializing in race, gender, and culture in language.  She authored Speaking Culturally; Language Diversity in the United States and Imaging in Advertising: Verbal and Visual Codes of Commerce.

Marlene G. Fine is Professor Emerita at Simmons University, specializing in cultural diversity, leadership, and dialogue.  She authored Building Successful Multicultural Organizations: Challenges and Opportunities.  

Fine and Johnson co-authored The Interracial Adoption Option: Creating a Family across Race.