Corrections 101: A Walk Through the Franklin County House of Corrections

W 3/3 — 2:00–3:00pm
Location: On-Line


67 seats available

Instructor/Presenter: Christopher Donelan

Greenfield is one of only 13 communities in the state that host a House of Correction.  Men and women sentenced to the county House of Correction are offered a range of treatment, educational and vocational programs.  This presentation will walk you through the experience of being sentenced to the House of Correction.  From arrival, to the booking room, to cell assignment, to the first classroom experience, you will see what life as a resident is like.  Whatever your assumptions, this presentation will leave you with a different outlook on incarceration and on the people who end up in your local House of Correction.

Christopher Donelan is currently serving his second term as Franklin County Sheriff.  He has been a police officer, a probation officer, and, for four terms, a member of the state House of Representatives.  A resident of Greenfield, Donelan received his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College and his Masters of Public Administration from American International College.

This workshop will be delivered via Zoom.