Digital Marketing

Online workshop—learn anywhere you can connect to the web!
W 5/20–6/10 — 1:00–3:00pm


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Instructor/Presenter: Alfonso Santaniello

This workshop provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs, nonprofits and small business owners to help develop a strategy for post COVID-19. I will bring in my advice, winning strategies and help each person develop their own digital marketing strategy for their business by the end of the workshop.

Course Outline

  • Class 1 - Digital Marketing Stats & Data
  • Class 2 - Analytics & Insights (teaching students how to look at their own data and analytics)
  • Class 3 - Website Strategy, Email Marketing Strategy
  • Class 4 - Social Media Strategy Part 1
  • Class 5 - Social Media Strategy Part 2
  • Class 6 - Advertising Strategy
  • Class 7 - Finalize Strategy & Implementation Plans
  • Class 8 - Presentations