French Film and Language I

M/W 9/8–12/23 — 10:00–11:15am
Location: Main Building on Main Campus


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Instructor/Presenter: Charlotte Gifford
Blended class; this is the non-credit version of the credit class FRE 255.

The intermediate study of French through francophone films. The course emphasizes the acquisition of language functions, vocabulary, idioms, and cultures through the study of francophone films. Students study representative French language films, selected from films by Renoir, Godard, Pouliot, Ocelot, Chabrol and Jugnot. These are the subject of class discussions, dramatizations and oral and written assignments. Students practice listening comprehension, study idiomatic speech, analyze cultural content and examine historical contexts. The instructor and the students conduct the class in French.

Prereq: FRE 202 or equivalent.

This workshop has pre-requisites and/or requires permission of the instructor.