Introduction to Photovoltaic Technician

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M 9/14–12/22 — 7:00–8:30pm
Location: Remote


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Instructor/Presenter: Michael Kocsmiersky
Blended class; this is the non-credit version of the credit class REE 121.

An introduction to theory, design, technology and policy related to solar electric systems, including electricity production, energy storage and interface with the electrical grid. This course provides students with the theoretical basis for understanding electricity, the electrical distribution system and challenges of integrating intermittent renewable energy sources. Topics include a study of recent innovations in photovoltaic system components, as well as the process of proper and safe electrical interconnection. Students evaluate current and emerging battery technologies and analyze energy storage management strategies. Students explore policies, incentives and financial models that influence design and installation of renewable energy systems. Hand-on training exercises, experiments, local visits to solar facilities and assembly of real-world systems reinforce classroom learning. This course is for students interested in diverse fields, including renewable energy, planning, sustainability, building management, and public policy, as well as for current professionals in those fields. NOTE: Students may receive credit for SCI 121 or REE 121, but not for both. Special Requirement: Field trips required.

This class is online with required meeting days & times as listed.


This workshop has pre-requisites and/or requires permission of the instructor.