Microsoft Excel – Basic

Online workshop—learn anywhere you can connect to the web!
T/Th 8/11–8/18 — 9:00–11:00am
Location: On-Line


18 seats available

Instructor/Presenter: Pioneer Training Instructor

Learn the basics of Excel, Microsoft’s powerful Windows-based spreadsheet. This course uses hands-on exercises to guide new Excel users through the operations needed to create and manage worksheets. You’ll start by learning how to enter, edit, and store data. Then you’ll write simple formulas to perform calculations on your data. You’ll learn methods of selecting areas within a worksheet and use ranges to work with selected data. You’ll practice using Excel’s formatting options to display data appropriately, and you’ll use Excel’s editing features to autofill lists, insert and delete rows and columns, and select paste options after copying data.

The class introduces Excel’s built-in functions, which you can use to carry out a variety of specialized calculations. You’ll also practice using Excel’s print settings to resize a spreadsheet, add headers and footers, and adjust page breaks. Finally, you will learn how to use absolute and relative cell addresses to keep your formulas referring to the proper cells. The class will also introduce new features in Excel, including Backstage, Flash Fill and the Quick Analysis Tool.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by GCC following completion of the training and demonstration of employee’s ability to use Excel for basic formatting, formulas, and creating simple databases.