Microsoft Word Intermediate/Advanced

Online workshop—learn anywhere you can connect to the web!
M/W/F 4/5–4/9 — 9:00–11:00am
Location: On-Line


11 seats available

Instructor/Presenter: Pioneer Training Instructor

This class will be presented on Zoom.

Building on your knowledge of Word basics, course will explore some of Word’s more powerful features. You’ll start by reviewing the fundamentals — selecting, formatting, cutting, and pasting—and then learn the advanced features that open up the true power of these tools. You’ll practice using the Quick Styles Gallery to help you produce more polished documents. You’ll learn the finer points of setting and using margins, tab stops and indentation to help you avoid the frustration that sometimes accompanies these features. You’ll learn how to add bullets and numbering (including multi-level outlines) to your documents as well as how to customize the various bullet and number styles. You’ll also learn to work with tables including changing formatting and size, using shading and adding formulas to your tables.

This class will also cover working with longer documents in Word, such as proposals or grants. You’ll practice dividing a document into sections; adding headers, footers and page numbers; and create a table of contents and an index. You’ll also practice using Track Changes, a collaboration feature in Word that lets reviewers keep track of the changes made to a document by multiple users. Finally, you’ll learn to create a template to create standard documents and how to share user-created templates with other users in your organization.

A certificate of completion will be awarded by GCC following completion of the training and demonstration of skills.