Mindfulness Based Pain Management

Th 4/15 — 6:00–7:50pm
Location: On-Line


22 seats available

Instructor/Presenter: Shali Sanders, Jeff Anderson

In this short, yet powerful 90 minute class, Shali Sanders OB/GYNP and Jeffries Anderson PT, MBA
will offer easy, accessible, foundational practices to approach one's chronic or acute pain and the associated layers of angst that accompany pain on any level.

You will learn several new ways to improve mood and quality of life in regard to pain.
You will be introduced to a new way to approach your pain, discomfort and illness.
You will learn to reduce your emotional reactivity to pain and to stop the fight!
You will learn how to re-establish a sense of control by learning new coping mechanisms.
These are just the beginning explorations that can deeply shift your perception and open your choices to the usual response to pain.

This class is for EVERYONE interested in living a more productive life in the face of pain and anxiety.
Shali Sanders OB/GYNP and R. Jeffries Anderson PT, MBA are both active Medical Providers in Massachusetts. They each have a Masters as Certified Mindfulness Teachers
and they completed an in-depth 2 year program in the UK studying the BREATHWORKS therapies and practices.

They offer this short class as a prelude to an 8 week course which offers and in-depth exploration into practices that have been scientifically documented as profoundly life-changing.

You owe it to yourself to learn a new language about yourself.