Teambuilding, Group-Development, and Fieldwork

W 9/9–12/2 — 9:00–11:00am
Location: Main Building on Main Campus


3 seats available

Instructor/Presenter: Robert Tremblay
Blended class; this is the non-credit version of the credit class OLP 116.

Focuses on principles and methods of program development, risk management, and teaching strategies in the adventure education and recreation field. This course prepares students to plan, organize, conduct, and evaluate supervised outdoor adventure programs utilizing team-building games, activities, and initiatives. Students participate in field trips. Special Requirement: This course involves moderate to high physical activity and the ability to be active and in the outdoors for a full day in a forested environment.

All students must submit the OLP Health History and Physical Examination Attestation Form, completed and signed by a physician, verifying medical clearance for full participation.

This workshop has pre-requisites and/or requires permission of the instructor.