The Art of Entrepreneurship

Online workshop—learn anywhere you can connect to the web!
Th 5/14-6/4 - 9:00am-12:00pm
Location: On-Line


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Instructor/Presenter: Pioneer Training Instructor

The class is designed for those interested in becoming entrepreneurs, who plan to or have launched a new business, and who have an existing entrepreneurial business. The differences between “standard” businesses and “entrepreneurial” businesses are slim. While a “standard” business might seem to be in the mold of an existing business, such as retail, food, or manufacturing and an “entrepreneurial” business might seem to be in the mold of “21st Century” businesses such as computer and web developers, wholistic medicine, new foods, etc. in reality there is very little difference between the two. As such, the class is suitable for anyone interested in or who already has started a business.