WordPress 101

Online workshop—learn anywhere you can connect to the web!
M/T 10/5–11/17 — 10:00–11:00am
Location: On-Line


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Instructor/Presenter: Spencer Sherman

This course will teach you everything you need to know to create your own self-hosted WordPress.org website. You’ll learn the basics of setting up a WordPress.org website, choosing a theme, customizing it, extending it with plugins and widgets, configuring it for SEO, and maintaining it on an ongoing basis. We will look at and edit a few lines of code, but no prior coding experience is necessary, and all sessions will be geared toward beginners. Each student will be provided with their own WordPress website to work on for the purposes of learning and testing.

Sessions & Topics:

  1. WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com, Installing WordPress, using the WordPress dashboard, basic site settings, hosting, installing a theme.
  2. Writing, previewing, and scheduling pages and posts. Formatting your writing. Adding media to your site (video, images, audio, downloads). SEO best practices & metadata.
  3. Planning your sitemap, main navigation and userflow. Determining website goals and primary audiences.
  4. Changing the appearance of your site via the backend. Creating a child theme and creating a new template. Making CSS changes to your child theme.
  5. Extending WordPress with plugins and widgets.
  6. Running backups of your site, installing basic site security. Running website updates. Migrating your site. Choosing a host. Monitoring analytics.

This course will be delivered via Zoom.

Spencer Sherman is a web developer with ten years of experience working with non-profits, state agencies, startups and software publishers. He is the co-founder of Facta Studio, a digital agency that builds WordPress websites with code and craft. He has been trusted to develop websites for some of the world's leading brands and organizations, including TD Bank, Pabst Blue Ribbon, BNY Mellon, Eastern Airlines and Hubweek. He also runs a regular Greenfield WordPress Meetup out of Greenspace Cowork.